I was born in the Netherlands. My family migrated to Australia when I was a young girl and settled in Creswick a very pretty town in central Victoria. I always wanted to study art but it was not until I was an adult with two children that I had an opportunity to formally study at the South West TAFE and Deakin University in Warrnambool on the south west coast.

I love the tactile aspect of woven tapestry, its wonderful response to colour. I enjoy the process of weaving and spend many hours a day sitting at the loom.
My starting point is nature. I love walking as it is a pace at which we can see and observe what is around us.  I also read a lot and the combination of the two combine to feed inspiration for my work. There has to be input before there can be output.   

Nowadays I mostly do small works on paper with oil sticks. I live in a tiny flat in Melbourne so there is not much room to paint on a large scale although I do at present desire to do some larger work and intend to do so.  My loom is a verticle fixed beam loom so I can work on a large scale.