Wednesday, 16 April 2014


The world of reality has its limits,
the world of imagination is boundless.
Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Imagination is where it all starts but imagination has to be developed and nurtured. Inspiration for my work comes from many different sources.  An obvious and perhaps the most important resource is nature. It is unsurpassable in its beauty. It is limitless in its variations and colour scheme. I do a lot of walking. For me it is the pace at which to observe, to notice the grandiouse and the miniscule. Another source of inspiration is books. I read a great variety of books on many different topics. This often backs up what I observe in nature.     

My work is a response to what I observe and what I learn.  I do not generally work thematically but  I do at times produces works on paper as series. They are fairly quick to produce and therefore allows the mind to stay focused on one idea. Tapestry weaving, however, is a very different thing. It takes me between 500 and 700 hours to produce the larger tapestries. This is usually done over a period of three to four months.  After so many hours focusing on one topic and dyeing yarns for a set colour scheme I long to work on something different.


Article featured in Australian Home and Garden Magazine July 2014


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  1. Hi Gerda, your work looks beautiful! Congratulations x